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China is Gaining An Edge In Artificial Intelligence

“China is counting on AI and finance in AI and deploying AI on a scale no different country is doing,” says Abishur Prakash, a futurist and author of books regarding the impact of AI (AI) on politics.

As developments in AI accelerate, some within the United States worry that the flexibility of China’s powerful central government to marshal information and pour resources into the sphere can push it ahead.

The country has proclaimed billions in funding for start-ups, launched programs to woo researchers from overseas and efficient its information policies.

It has proclaimed news-reading robots and AI-powered strategy for foreign relations. maybe most minatory to the United States area unit its efforts to include it into its military.

In the previous few years, Washington has toughened oversight of Chinese investments, illegal United States corporations from doing business with bound Chinese firms and inflated action of alleged technology larceny.

“What the Trump administration is doing may be a sign… the United States is aware that its political science power is going to be redefined and reconfigured by this era,” said Mr. Prakash, World Health Organization works at the Toronto-based Center for Innovating the longer term.


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