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Indians are least active and second most sleep-deprived said by fitbit

US-based fitness wearable company Fitbit has come up with a report throwing light on the active mode and sleep patterns of users across 18 countries. The findings state Indians to be the smallest amount active and second most sleep-deprived once Japan.

Hong Kong clad to be the foremost active country with close to ten,000 steps, whereas india with a mean daily step count of 6,533 steps clad to be the least active country. Even the typical active 32 minutes clad to be all-time low within the grid.

Ireland topped the sleep length ranking with a mean of 7 hours and 57 minutes of sleep. However, the sleep insights disclosed by Fitbit state Indians are the second most sleep-deprived with a mean nightly sleep of seven hours one minute once Japanese who get an average sleep of 6 hours 47 minutes. speedy eye movement sleep (REM) is referred as a vital aspect for emotion regulation, memory, and also the peak stage of protein synthesis at the cellular level, that ensures that multiple processes within the body work properly. astonishingly, Indians get solely 77 minutes of slumber on the average that is that the lowest in the world a bit like Japanese who get a similar quantity of rem sleep on an average.

Fitbit conjointly recorded 57 minutes awake time (on associate average) every night users’ sleep, that represents close to 13.5 per cent of their nightly sleep. Sharing break-up of age-wise average nightly sleep of Asian nation, the report suggests the cohort of 18 to 25 have the utmost length of average sleep of 7 hours and 20 minutes because the average hour is 12:33 AM and average wake-up nonce 7:53 AM. because the average length of sleep continues to decrease for varied age teams, and also the ones between 75 to 90 years get a mean sleep of six hours and 35 minutes solely. This senior cohort goes to sleep at around 11:22 PM and wakes up at 5:58 AM.


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