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PUBG Corporation launches PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update: New game mode, BRDM-2 vehicle, ledge grab and much more

PUBG Mobile is equipped to receive a significant update on October 16. The new PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update can keep company with a replacement game mode known as ‘Payload’ and alternative new parts. a number of the large changes which will come with the update are the amphibious BRDM-2 vehicle, ridge grab and gas cans. The official Twitter handle of the popular online multiplayer battle royale game has been giving hints regarding new options which will be incoming with 0.15.0 update.

The update won’t solely bring visual enhancements however additionally supply gameplay changes. The new PUBG Mobile BRDM-2 vehicle, a Combat reconnaissance mission Patrol Vehicle, can replace the armoured UAZ. The amphibious BRDM-2 vehicle can supply AN all-terrain piece of land navigation expertise. The vehicle can keep company with bulletproof tyres and work a complete of four players within. Compared to the armoured UAZ, the new BRDM-2 vehicle are able to battle and resist against larger weapons and red zone injury.

The PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0 will add a ridge grab feature. The new part, which has made its thanks to the game’s computer version, lets players do parkour and climb buildings. ridge grab can bring new position within the gameplay, permitting a player to maneuver upwards and climb rooftops. ridge grab can provides a vital advantage to the players since most players look down and neglect the roofs.

Another massive feature is that the use of gas cans as weapons. The PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0 can let players throw gas cans and shoot them to form the red fuel within the canister explode. Throwing gas cans can currently cause injury to the players in and round the space, creating these cans a attainable different for the hand grenades.

Lastly, weapons just like the Desert Eagle and MP5K SMG ar expected to return with the new PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0. alternative additions like new skins for weapons, crate animations, and others are expected however haven’t been confirmed.


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